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Sizzling Hot, also known as Sizzling Hot Deluxe, has its roots in many land based casinos, having proved popular with players there due to its simplicity combined with the opportunity to win large sums from the game through its special features. Queues can often be found around the game at the land based casinos, but these queues are eliminated along with parking fees and travel time thanks to Novomatic Gaming who have faithfully recreated the casino favourite as an online game.

Sizzling Hot Online

The online game follows the exact pattern of the land based slot machine, featuring every detail that made it so popular, and allows it to continue being a favourite of many players. These features include the unique scattered star bonuses, but are complemented by some features that are only available online, such as MaxBet and auto play which are discussed in more detail below.

Nobody is excluded when it comes to playing Sizzling Hot online. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced slot players through a combination of excellent prize pay outs and a simple, familiar layout that even a complete novice would be somewhat familiar with.

This layout is traditional among slots players, with three rows and five reels meaning fifteen symbols are displayed on every spin. The objective is of course to match symbols, with prize pay outs starting from the left side and being dictated by which symbols are matched. Players can read about it in advance by checking the pay table, which is helpfully included by Novomatic Gaming in all of their products.

Players will notice that the symbols consist of traditional fruits found on fruit machines around the world. These fruits are complemented by two special symbols, the lucky seven and the star. The significance of these is that they offer special prizes. The star is different to normal symbols in that the player wins when three appear anywhere on the reels, they do not need to be linked or appear in any particular sequence. By spinning in three, the player wins an extra cash prize automatically.

The seven is linked to the game’s progressive jackpot. Whenever a player spins, an amount, registered in coins, is added to the progressive jackpot prize pool. As soon as a player spins in five sevens in a row, they win the jackpot. The amount won depends on the coin value used for the winning spin, and is that value multiplied by the number of coins in the pot. This makes it perfect for players of all stake levels. The pot accumulates no matter the coin value, and fairness is ensured because high rollers receive a higher jackpot than those playing for lower stakes. When the jackpot is won, it reverts to 10,000 coins which continue to be added to with every spin. This means that even if the jackpot was won on a previous spin, it is possible, and well worth it to win again on every subsequent spin.


No matter how the player wins on the slot, whether through matching symbols traditionally or by spinning in stars, they are always offered the opportunity to gamble by pressing the prominent gamble button displayed within the area of play. By gambling, the player stakes their win amount at evens, meaning that if the gamble wins, they double their money. Two occurrences can end the gamble sequence. Either the player decides that he is happy with the amount won and chooses to collect, or the player loses a gamble, in which case all winnings are lost and the player is returned to standard slot play.

The MaxBet feature mentioned above was implemented with high rolling slot players in mind. Rather than manually changing the number of win lines in play and the coin value of every stake, it automatically sets both to the maximum. This means that every win line is active, increasing the chances of a winning spin, and both pay outs from matching symbols and the progressive jackpot are as high as possible. Players of any level are of course free to modify the layout after choosing the MaxBet option, reducing either win lines, coin values or both to suit their tastes.

The online experience is noted for being true to the land based casino style, exactly recreating everything about Sizzling Hot from the layout to the prize structure. The difference is simple, no travelling to a casino or queuing for a favoured machine. Everything from fairness to reliability is handled by Novomatic Gaming in conjunction with the host casino, meaning that anyone with an internet connection and a computer can log in from their favourite chair and play immediately. Online gambling is more popular now than ever, and it is thanks to games such as Sizzling Hot that it is continuing to grow at a massive pace.

For those unfamiliar with the Novomatic Gaming name, the company powers some of the best known online gambling franchises and are known for spotting opportunities in the offline world and creating replicas online that appeal to both existing and new players. The simplicity of Sizzling Hot is embodied by the fact that there is no special bonus game, exactly like in the real machine. Rather than matching three symbols to play something completely unrelated, those symbols, in this case the aforementioned star, simply award an immediate cash prize that can be gambled as with any other win.

Sizzling Hot is recommended for all players, whether they are taking their first steps in the world of online gaming, or have regularly played online slots for many years. The game truly offers something for everyone, including some of the best assistance and online information backed by the experience and brand name of Novomatic. The game is a pleasure whether playing for small amounts on five win lines, or utilising the BetMax feature to its full potential and aiming for the top. 

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